About US

Minimize Student Loans exists to prevent you and your family from overpaying for College. We help parents and students minimize or eliminate student loans. read more

Our Presentors

Our Minimize Student Loans presentors are registered with the National Institute of Certified College Planning (NICCP) to ensure each family gets up to date College Planning information. read more

Additional Resources

  • SAT Test Preparation
  • ACT Test Preparation
  • College Admissions Essay Coaches
  • College Selection Coaches

Services Offered

We educate parents in a fun way about the College financial rules and other various funding opportunities

Review the FAFSA forms for accuracy

Provide each family with Expected Family Contribution (EFC) lowering strategies

‚ÄčMaximize a Family's opportunity for college gifting

Help negotiate award letters

Help families reduce the amount of debt upon college graduation

Do college smart and Pay less for college